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YooSecurity provides 24/7 online premium support for Windows PC, Mac & mobile devices.

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April 08, 2017


YooSecurity has been my favorite service company to resolve my computer issues online.

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submitted Apr 25, 2017 by Gene B. Ross

Yoosecurity service is good

My Samsung S8 was attacked by the cyber police virus on the second day I bought it home. It blocked everything on the phone and I even couldn't turn off the phone. I had been asked to pay $ 500 to the cyber police to unlock my phone. I would be thrown into jail if I would do that. Really desperate. Luckily, my friend recommended Yoosecurity to me, saying they helped him remove virus many times. So, I contacted them and they helped me fix the problem right away. I really appreciated their help. I would lose $ 500 for nothing without them. Yoosecurity is great and helpful. Its service is effective and fast.


submitted Apr 24, 2017 by Moses M. Liu

Yoosecurity helps remove the FBI scam virus

I got the FBI scam virus asking $500 on my LG phone several days ago. The virus is so nasty and annoying. I tried to deal with it myself but failed. So i googled if there is any online help available. Then i found Yoosecurity.They are specialist in this field. They know so much about the FBI virus. I read through their blog and clicked the livechat button to see if they can help. The agent was Tony. He is good. I asked some questions about the FBI thing. He explained everything about it. This made me trust them. So i decided to buy their service. For me , the fee is good to get rid of such a bad virus. It locked my LG phone completely. I can do nothing with it. Finally, the FBI thing was deleted from my LG with their help. I really appreciate it. Thank you, tony.


submitted Apr 20, 2017 by Lorelei

good service

Yesterday I was hit by the FBI virus. It popped up on my samsung tablet saying i was looking for child pornography. Not sure what's going and since then my tablet was not working. The FBI warning locked me out of my tablet. I accidentally found YooSecurity on Google Search but I was skeptical about buying its service because I have never heard of this company before. They charge $49.95 for virus removal . Price seems fair but my most concern was that it would not work. But after reading tremendous reviews, I thought I had no other choice. Much to my surprise, the service is excellent. Agent was very patient and incredibly helpful and her instructions were clear. It only took no more than 20 minutes to unlock my tablet. Thank you for the support and they had saved me a lot of money.


submitted Apr 16, 2017 by Billie

YooSecurity save my ipad

I got the FBI virus demanding a $500 payment on my ipad. The virus was stubborn to remove but it finally got removed with Ella's help in this situation. She was very patient with me and she guided me through the steps to remove the virus and gave me tips to prevent it. I'm very grateful that my IPad is up and running with no virus. I would definitely recommend these services to anyone who needed. Thanks for the help.


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